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Invitation for the Gyotaku workshop in Western Australia

Invitation for the Gyotaku workshop in New York

Mineo will instruct in-direct fish printing classes at the NPS 2012 worksho in NC US


Mineo Yamamoto have instructed 2 Gyotaku classes at the NPS workshop 2010 in September . Click here for details

Mineo Yamamoto will instruct two advanced Gyotaku classes at the NPS workshop 2011 in August, at Colorado State University USA. Click here for details

Mineo Yamamoto have visited Canada and US last July 20 through Augst 8,2011
Please visit to the following to look pictures of the Canada UBC Gyotaku event.
Yamamoto have been broadcasting in the CBC Radio One early Edition news on July 28,2011

Report of the Gyotaku tour in Japan on April, 2010
now on youtube. Please Click here for details.

Please see the English page for details.

Mineo Yamamoto have instructed 2 Gyotaku classes at the NPS workshop 2010 in September . Click here for details

Mineo Yamamoto will instruct how to print fish in his two advanced Fish printing class
at the NPS 2011 workshop in Fort Collins,Colorado U.S.A. from 31st July -- 6th August,2011.

Mineo Yamamoto had instructed 2 fish printing classes at the following NPS 2009 workshop.
He had printed a live dog at there!!

Private fish printing lesson at Yamamoto's studio in Japan now available!!

(1) The location of my studio:

    3-6-14, Yakyucho, Higashimatsuyama-city, Saitama-pref. 355-0028

(2) Access from Narita Tokyo International airport:

    A limousine bus will take you to the near bus station from my studio
    It will take 2 hours.
    The bus fare is Japanese yen 3,800.00
    I can wait you at the bus station for your arrival and take you to
    the near hotel by my car.

(3) The name of the studio:

    International Fish Print Studio
    It is shared with my house.

(4) The time schedule of the fish printing class:

    Start at 10:00 am
    Finish at 5:00 pm

(5) The instruction fee of the fish printing class:

    US$ 100.00 per day.

    It include all necessary materials for studing fish printing in the
    such as inks, cloth, paper, fishes, some other subjects, supplies.

    The following is not included in the instruction fee:

    Hotel accomodaion, meals, transpotation.

(6) The main content of course:

    History of fish printing(Gyotaku) in Japan.
    Techniques of Gyotaku.
    Materials for use of Gyotaku.
    Making Tampo(Cotton ball)
    Mixing color inks
    Printing Gyotaku on cloth with in-direct technique.
    Printing Gyotaku on paper with in-direct technique.
    Printing Gyotaku on cloth with direct technique.
    Printing Gyotaku on paper with direct technique.
    Making paers.
    Making back ground for matting colored papers.
    Mounting Gyotak on paper.
    Framing Gyotaku in frame.

    You will study printing many kind of subjects not only fish if you
    Flower plants, animals, vegetables, fruits, human face, stone, etc.

(7) Sale of Gyotaku material:

    Would you like to continue this Gyotak art at you home?
    I can sell you fish printing materials for your printing Gyotaku
    again after return to your home.

(8) Reference:

    The local hotel in my town: Hotel Shiunkaku
    (One of fish printers from California USA have stayed at this hotel
    before. You can see his comment about this hotel in the following

Please email me for making reservation of your lesson with me as soon as possible.

Sample photos of the recent students who have attended to the private class at my studio.

Invitation to exhibit your works at the Gyotaku Exhibition:

Please ship your works to
Mineo Ryuka Yamamoto, International Fish Print Studio
3-6-14 Yakyucho Higashimatsuyama-city, Saitama 355-0028 Japan
Phone : +81 (0)493-22-2514
by September 20, 2011

Maximum size of your work is 1 m width and 1.5 m height.
We will send back you your work as soon as the exhibition finished.
Please email me your name, postal address, email address and number of your works
for exhibit as soon as possible.
My email address is


Giant Squid ( 20 feet long) printed by Mineo Ryuka Yamamoto

Student report from 2007 classes by Amie. Thank you very much Amie!



Yamamoto have printed rare animals in Santa Barbara between dec.6 through 9, 2005.
Please visit to [EVENT] page for take a look photos.

Invitation to
The Fish Print (Gyotaku) Exhibition in Japan
18th annual Gyotaku (Fishprinting) Exhibition
Oct.10 through 16, 2011
Higashimatsuyama citizen culture center in Saitama Japan
Sponsored by International Fish Print Studio

For more information, please contact:
Mineo Ryuka Yamamoto ,
President Sensei of the International Fish Print Studio
E-mail :

We will invite you to participate your fish-prints to our exhibition.
Let me know if you will participate as soon as possible.
What I need to receive your prints by September 20, 2011 is :
1. Number of your Gyotaku prints for exhibit.
2. What is the size(small,eg.35x50cm,sizes) are preferred.
3. Information on how you will send your prints to me.
4. Your return address so that I can return your prints to you
.....after the exhibition.
The fastest way to communicate with me is :
via email :
My Postal mailing address is:
Mr.Mineo Ryuka Yamamoto, president of International Fish Print Studio
3-6-14,Yakyu-cho, Higashimatsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture,355-0028 Japan
Telephones:81-493-22-2514 (Home),81-90 3088 7105 (Mobile)
My e-mail address is
Please look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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