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former Chikurinin Temple

Preservation Zone of Traditional Architecture of Sakamoto, Otsu City
The Sakamoto District of Otsu City is located at the foot of the eastern slope of Mt.Hiei, on the west side of Lake Biwa.
This area has prospered from early times as the "temple town" for Enryaku-ji Temple and Hiyoshi-taisha Shrine.
The head priest of the Tendai sect conferred small temples on elderly monks who had been practicing on Mt.Hiei from the Azuchi-Momoyama period to the Edo period.
These small village temples called "Satobo" form unique histrical spaces in the Sakamoto District. The buildings and gardens of the satobo and the stone walls called
"Anoshu-zumi" retain an excellent histrical appearance together with the surrounding dense woods and clear stream.
In 1997, the 28.7ha area centering around this cluster of village temples was designated a Preservation Zone of Important Traditional Architecture by the national goverment.
Otsu City Board of Education Secretariat.
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Shigain Monzeki Temple Shigain Monzeki@Temple Shigain Monzeki Temple Maingate
Shigain Monzeki Temple the stone wall called "Anoshu-zumi"@Shigain@Monzeki the stone wall called "Anoshi-zumi" Shigain Monzeki
Shigain@Monzeki Temple@Maingate the stone wall called "Anoshi-zumi" Jigendo
Amidanyorai @Sekibutsu@of 13styles a view of the Lake Biwa Karamon@Gate@Hiyoshi Tosyogu Shrine
Hiyoshi Tosyogu Shrine Haiden Hiyoshi Tosyogu Shrine Honden(the Main Shrine) Hiyoshi Tosyogu Shrine@Haiden
Hiyoshi Tosyogu Honden (the Main Shrine) Hiyoshi Tosyogu Haiden Ishinoma Honden a Sculpture (front of Haiden)
front of Haiden inside of Haiden Komainu
Inside of Haiden Inside of Haiden Inside of Haiden
Omiya@Bridge Hiyoshi Taisha Sanno Torii Nishi Hongu Tower Gate (Romon)
Nishi Hongu Haiden Nishi Hongu Honden Usa@Shrine Haiden
Usa Shrine Honden (Main Shrine) Shirayamahime Jinja Shrine Haiden Shirayamahime Jinja Shrine Honden
Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine Keidai (Precinct) Warehouse@of Mikoshi (Portable Shrines) Higashi Hongu Romon
Higashi Hongu Jyuge Shrine Haiden Jyugejinjya Shrine Mikoshi
Jyugejinjya@Honden Higashi Hongu@Haiden Higashi Hongu Honden
Clear Stream Komainu Former Chikurin-in
Former Chikurin-in Former Chikurin-in Biwa Lake
Fuyo-eniYuba@Restaurantj the stone walls called "Anoshu-zumi" Tunnel
Fuyo-en Soba noodles Restaurant "Tsuruki Soba" approach to a Hiyoshi Taisha Shrine