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  Bizen district include Okayama City     Bittyu district include Kurashiki City    Mimasaka district include Tsuyama City.   

Okayama Prefecture lies in the heart of western Japan,
In the Northern Region lies the Chugoku Mountains, in the Central Region lies the Kibi Plateau and in the Southern Resion of Okayama is spread out with the plains faced to the calm Seto Inland Sea National Park.
The Chugoku Mountains is the source for the three major rivers such as Yoshii River, Asahi River and the Takahashi River.
Okayama prefecture consists of 27 number of cities,towns and villages including Okayama City and Kurashiki City.
The climate of Okayama is Just like that of Mediterranean Sea and they have a lot of sunshine.
Okayama has had high level of culture since it was known as the Kibi province a long time ago. The legend of Momotaro(Peach Boy, a story of a boy born from a big peach) is very popular even today.

In the south, there are a lot of tourist sites like the Seto Ohashi Bridge, the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Area (Kurashiki Bikan chiku), the Korakuen Garden, Washuzan Hill, the Kibiji Histrical Area, and the Ushimado coast (it is said to be like the Agean Sea in Japan)
In addition, the Tivoli Park in Copenhagen, Denmark was invited to Kurashiki and opened on July 18,1997 as the Kurashiki Tivoli Park.

In the north, there are 3 Mimasaka hot springs (Yubara, Okutsu and Yunogo), the vast Hiruzen Heights whice belong to the Daisen Oki National Park, the Prefectural Forest Park and the Kakuzan Park, famous for its wonderful cherry blossoms.

Besids them, there are many museums, art galleries and beautiful nature in Okayama, so you will find many interesting places to visit.
Peaches and muscuts are widely known in Japan as special products of Okayama.
Recently, many campingsites are kept in good condition,so you can go camping there readily.
I think that Okayama is like the Province in Japan, I really want you to visit here.

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Short Trip from Okayama "temple town" for Hieizan Enryaku-ji Temple and Hiyoshi-taisha Shrine