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Hiruzen Heights Mt.Daisen in Summe from Suzukake Toger Mt.Daisen
Hiruzen Heights
The Hiruzen Heights are located in the Daisen Oki National Park and make up the most expansive sightseeing resort in Okayama Prefecture.
It call "West Karuizawa",we can enjoy the change of season, fresh green at the beginning of summer, resort, camping at summer, red and yellow leaves
at autumn,skiing at winter

Daisen Oki National park Daisen(Tottori Prefecture)
Kakuzan Castle Festival under Cherry Blossoms Cherry Blossoms at Entrance of Kakuzan Park Bittyu Yagura
Kakuzan Park Tsuyama Castle was built by Tadamasa Mori, the little brother of Ranmaru Mori who fought together with Nobunaga Oda in the famous
"The Incident at Honnouji Temple in Kyoto", at the beginning of the 17th Century, taking 13 years to complete.
In 1875,the castle structures.including the original donjon,were destroyed and Kakuzan Park was created on the site where the castle once stood.
The garden attracts many tourists in the spring to view its wonderful cherry blossoms.