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Last Updated; Dec.28th 1996

PolyGram Home Page of Seiko to TOP

Polygram.com. Seiko Album Page ENGLISH
This is PolyGram Home Page. You can get information of Seiko's bran-new album,"Was It the Future", from A&M Records. To get cover photo, song list and audio samples is Click this hot text. This album was released on 5/14/96 at U.S. and Hong Kong

Japan PolyGram. Seiko Page
Japan Polygram open at June 1st '96. Seiko has moved from Sony Music Entertainment Inc. to Mercury Music Entertainment Production of Polygram group on Sep.'95. This web provides seiko page for you. You can get data(inc. song list and audio samples) of Seiko's bran-new album "Vanity Fair" and "Was It the Future", Biography, Tour date, etc. But this page is described by Japanese.

Matsuda Seiko/New Release Page
Matsuda Seiko/Biography Page
Matsuda Seiko/Discography Page
Matsuda Seiko/Message Page to Seiko

Seiko Reference Article on PolyGram site ENGLISH

Statement of PolyGram Group. There is Seiko's name on this page.
001. Executive Talk: Alain Levy, President and CEO
002. Interim 1996: Letter from President
003. July 24, 1996: Achieves 7% Sales Growth in Soft Music Markets
004. Music & Film
005. Executive Talk: Jan Cook, CEO

Sony Records Homepage of Seiko to TOP

Sony Records, SME: Sony Music Entertainment, once was an production belonged to Seiko.
You can get the audio samples and photo of latest albums and singles.
You can search archives of Sony by key word too.

Index Page of Sony Bran-new Disks

Sony Records:Seiko Page

Seiko Album"It's Style '95" Page
Seiko Greatest Album "Bible lll" Page
Seiko Single "Sutekini Once Again" Page
Seiko Collection Disk "All Single Collection" Page
Seiko Christmas Album "Winter Tales" Page
Seiko Live Video "It's Style '95" Page
Seiko Mini Disk "It's Style '95" Page

Catalog Search Page of Sony Record

The Result of Word Search "Seiko" is HERE!( in This Home Page) ENGLISH

The Other Seiko Pages in English to TOP

Seiko Fan Site [Angel]English
Very wonderful bilingual Seiko Site used by dynamic HTML

Mr.Yakura's Page [Matsuda Seiko's Unofficial Web Page] ENGLISH
Mr.Yakura's introduction of Seiko. Kouhaku Performances, Record Award, Lylics data, New disks and other site.

Mr.Kim's Page [ Neo-Zao's Seiko Matsuda Homepage ] ENGLISH
Introduction of Korean Mr.Kim's favorite Seiko's disks. Seiko album photos and his comments.

Magazine [TIME July.22 96] Seiko Article mLike A Virgin No Longernpage ENGLISH
TIME International / People Section (no photo)

Kyoto Sangyo University [Famous Personages in Japan] Seiko Page ENGLISH
[Famous Personages in Japan] is Index of famous Japanese of singer, writer, sports and more.

Mr.Byron's JPOPS Database [ JPOP; Japanese Pop Music] Seiko Page ENGLISH
Australian Byron's Japanese Pop and Animation Database.

Mr.Tang's Jpop Page [ JPOP; Japanese Pop Music] | Seiko Page ENGLISH
Raymond Tang's Japanese Pop page and Seiko Disk's Contents in English.

Radio Corporation of Singapore Page ENGLISH
RCS Celebrates 60 Years of Radio in Singapore Event "Radio Nite at Suntec City"
Seiko is a special guest of this event on Apr.20th '96.

The Other Seiko Pages in Japanese to TOP

[Seiko Fan, Join us! Come On!] Only Japanse
Most Popular Seiko Fan Site. Seiko Update News, Photo and Chat Room

[Seiko Web Site Angel]English Japanse
Very wonderful bilingual Seiko Site used by dynamic HTML

mSeiko¥Villagen Only Japanse
Mr.Taro's Fan Site. Database, Photos and News.

[Seiko Mastuda Story] Only Japanse
Mr.Sakagami's Seiko Fan Site. Much TV's Photo and Quick Time CF movie.

[Seiko Room] Only Japanese
Seiko Fan Site By Kaocyan

[Seiko TV Photo Site] Only Japanse

Mr.Yamamoto's Page [Idol Pops '80 Database] Seiko Page Only Japanese
Mr.Nagamatsu's Page [FVIS;Female Vocalists Information Service] Seiko Page (Closed now)
Mr.Nakamura's Page[I-Dic; Idol Dictionary service] Seiko Page Only Japanese

[Japanese Idol data searcher] Seiko Page Only Japanse

Photographic Magazine [FOCUS] Site Seiko Article (Described by Japanese)

FOCUS 3/6/96 [Seiko Press Interview of Movie "Surrogate Mother"] with Seiko's Photos
FOCUS 5/1/96 [Seiko 3days in Paris] (Described by Japanese)
FOCUS 6/26/96 [Jeff & Nude. Seiko Sex Scandles] with Seiko's Photos (Described by Japanese)
FOCUS 8/26/96 [Seiko Nude Panic]

Daily Paper [Yukan Fuji] site Seiko Article

Oct.16.96 [Seiko's Challenge in U.S.] Page Seiko's Photos (Japanese)
Nov.6.96 [Ticket of Seiko's Dinner Show is too expensive, but too populer] Page Seiko's Photos (Japanese)
Nov.13.96 [Seiko original perfume is developed] Page Seiko's Photos (Japanese)

Daiichi Kosho co. ltd., [Kara-OK System] Seiko Page Only Japanse

Sun Music Production Only Japanese
Sun Music is Seiko's ex-office. Now, It has no Information of Seiko.

Fantic; The office of Seiko.
Fantic is Seiko's Office. It hasn't homepage yet.

Media and other Links to TOP

Ticket Center
Kyodo Tokyo: Seiko Page
Saison Ticket Center ( You can order the ticket here , but for residents in Japan)

NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai; Japan Broadcasting Association ENGLISH
Nippon Television(NTV) ENGLISH
Tokyo Broadcasting Company (TBS) ENGLISH
Fuji Televison ENGLISH
Television Asahi ENGLISH
Television Tokyo ENGLISH
Tokyo Metropolitan Television
Television KanagawaTVK

Yellow Pages to TOP

Music Yellow Pages
Japanese Yahho [Toyohashi Science College] /Entertainment/People/Idol
Japanese Yahho [Toyohashi Science College]/Entertainment/Music/Artist
Yahoo!/Entertainment/Music/Artists ENGLISH
Yahoo!/Regional/Countries/Japan/Entertainment/Music/Artists ENGLISH
Yahoo! Japan/Entertainment/Music/Artists

Japanese Yellow Pages
NTT: Nippon Telephone and Telegraph ENGLISH
Nippon Search Engine (juno)
Senrigan. Waseda University ENGLISH
ODIN. Tokyo University ENGLISH
NEC Netplaza
Internet Intiative Japan ENGLISH

Music Charts to TOP

Weekly ORICON TOP 100 ENGLISH by Original Confidence co.
ORICON is the most authoritative music chart in Japan.
It's made from original investigation of shop sales.
Seiko has recorded the 26 No.1 songs of ORICON.

Cablecaster Usen 440 Ranking Top 100 by MM Multi-Music
Chart Ryozanpaku Personal Original Chart
Countdown TV by Station: Tokyo Broadcasting Company
HEY HEY HEY MUSIC CHAMP by Fuji Television
Countdown Japan by Radio FM-TOKYO
Super Countdown top 50 by Radio Bunka
All Music Countdown by Magazine FM STATION

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