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A.Grech's Vivarium

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I'm sending you these pics of my vivarium if you want to put them in your site.
The vivarium is quite small, 1ft by 1ft by 1.5ft, and contains 3 juvenile Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis. The plants are Fittonia, Pepperonia, Philodendron, Spiderplants (two forms), and a bromeliad. I spray the tank as little as possible, just enough to keep the plants happy, to keep the humidity a bit low as these frogs dont like a lot of humidity. The only source of heat is a heatmet stuck against one side of the vivarium and insulated with polystyrene, as my country has a very temperate climate and the temperature in winter is quite mild.

The redeye pics are from another of my vivariums - I'll send you some pics at a later date

bye for now
A. Grech from Malta

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