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Hi, The viv is 36 inches high, 32 inches long, and 20 inches wide. The viv has two water features, a waterfall over bog-wood and a back panel circulation system made with cocos panels. The temperature is sustained by under floor heating, and a heat-strip on the side. Humidity is high, but with good ventilation to keep the front glass front getting steamed up so I can see inside the 'jungle' at all times. I will be adding a misting system later when I decide on a model. Frogs are currently 2 D.Leucomelas and 1 D.Azureus. I love Orchids, so have added some to the viv and intend to add some more over time. The frogs are very active all day in the achieved environment.
It is always good to see what other people are doing throughout the world, which inspires me to make the best of my vivarium. Keep up the good work.
Kind Regards,
Alan S.

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