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Brian's Vivarium

Feb.25th2002 Designer: Brian C. Booth
The Tank: The tank is a custom made 65 gallon with a mirror back and leaf engraving on the two sides of the front glass. The dimensions 48w x12d x27h... The only thing I don't like about this tank is that it does not have enough depth but I won it in one of those drawing at the local pet shop so I can't complain. The tank is a false bottom setup with an under tank filter. The tank also has a very well designed digital temperature and humidity controller which monitors the tank so it can never get to hot or cold. It also makes sure that the humidity never drops below 65%... I have it set anywhere between 75 & 90% most of the time. This control panel also gives you a read out of the last 7 days and all the changes that have accrued. The temperature control is connected to the rain systems and underwater heater so that if it gets to cold the heater comes on and if it gets to warm the rain system will come on and cool the air along with the dual fans that can push 80 cubic feet of air a minute.

Lights: The lighting is taken care of by a dual set of power compact 96 watt fluorescent bulbs (6700K) each made by "Customsealife" encased in a green marble finished hood which run on a 14:10 light:dark cycle.

Substrate: A custom mix consisting of charcoal, orchid bark, fern tree fiber, coconut fiber, leaf debris, and some Terra-Lite all from "Black Jungle Terrarium Supply" That place is great!

Plants: All sorts of Bromeliads, mosses, terrestrial and epiphytic orchids, ferns, and all sorts of tropicals and stuff.

Water Features: The vivarium is filtered by a undertank panther 300 filter which circulates over 400 gallons an hour and is connected to the 2 waterfalls in the tank which run 24 hours a day. It also has a pipe that runs the length of the tank which is remote controlled and waters all the plant life on the back wall. The vivarium is heated through the use of a water heater ... it heats the water and then the pumps circulate the water throughout the tank in turn warming the air. My Rain is controlled by the 4 misters that are built into the top and are on a digital timer that produces rain for 8 minutes throughout the day. The Tank also has foggers that come on for 2 hours throughout the day.

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