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70 Gallon Leucomelas Vivarium

False bottom and water features
This 70-gallon vivarium is constructed with a false bottom floor that rests against the rear wall and leaves about a 2-inch gap on each side and an inch in the front. The false bottom is raised 2 inches using PVC pipe and has hinged (with plastic ties) walls and is covered with screen mesh to keep debris and herps from getting under the eggcrate. Under the eggcrate, I positioned a single aquarium heater and a pump on either side of it for separate water features. On both sides, I used beach stones to fill the gap between the eggcrate and glass to hide the pumps. On the left side of the land portion of the tank, I ran a tube from the pump into a hollow log and put java moss on the log. I also put a couple of air stones under the beach stones to circulate the water and provide increased humidity. On the right side, I ran a tube from the pump onto the white rock in front of the beach stone for a gspring-likeh look. In the front I used aquarium gravel to fill the gap between eggcrate and glass, because beach stones wouldnft fit. I think I like the contrasted look anyway. I plan to put an ultrasonic fogger in the front left corner to further maintain humidity and to help induce breeding when the time comes.

Land area
After doing a few vivariums (designing and redesigning of my own tanks) Ifve gotten away from using a soil or peat based substrate. They can get soggy and messy if therefs not enough evaporation and the water level rises too high from misting. It also makes rearranging the tank when needed, a headache. Thirdly, the moss thatfs shaded when the plants get larger usually dies. Ifve used tree fern fiber panels cut to the shape of my eggcrate. This means I cannot grow terrestrial plants (although Ifve put earth stars in itcIt worked for me in an another tankcwefll see) or create an undulating mossy landscape however, it does allow me more vertical space in the tank for branches and plants. This way, if I want, I can put java moss on the tree fern fiber and itfll grow there by wicking up water from under the false bottom. Ifve done this in another enclosure (see Oct f02 entry on http://www.wildsky.net/vivarium/evivariu.htm). I plan to keep leucs in this tank and since they like to climb the vertical arrangement should be of benefit to them. On top of the treefern, I put branches, mounted with bromeliads and Tillandsias. The Tillandsias are mounted so that they get unfiltered light from the cf lights and air circulation from the fan. I also put cuttings of Peperomia Obtusifolia into the tree fern substrate.

Environmental Control
E Ecological Technology Misting System with 2 nozzles,
E One eputer fan (exhaust) fan,
E 2 air stones
E I plan to include an ultrasonic fogger in the front left corner where the beach stones are.

Ifm experimenting regarding a misting and ventilation pattern that will give me a consistent 80% to 100% humidity range.

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