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Brigitte & Jac's Vivarium

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click here to see the largest pictures page

Hi Jun Matsuzono,

First of all we want to say that you have a great website !
Lots of idea's for other people !
We want to send you some pictures of our vivarium / paludarium.

The size of our vivarium is 115 cm - 55 cm - 140 cm.
We use 4 PL-lights.
1 computer-fan
1 heater
2 pumps. 1 to clean the water and 1 for watercirculation.
2 sprinklers.
Everything goes automaticly.

We have 2 Epipedobates tricolor and 3 Dendrobates leucomelas.
We also have 2 young tricolor.

Thanks for posting our pictures !

Greetings Brigitte & Jac from The Netherlands

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