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Nishio's Vivarium

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To Matsuzono
Finally I have built new Vivarium for tree frogs !!
One off production would need too much money, selfbuld saved cost. Alluminium frames are set on the aquarium tank, it is 4 days working for my fun. And I am satisfied with my crafting hands.
From the both corner to the wall is 65cm, depth of substrate is 60cm, frame cage is 100cm hight. The substrates are layered with pea stone, cocoshell grids and leafmold and litter.
The framed cage is 100cm, look forward the apearing tropical jangle looks some monthes later.
Watering by hand and dropping from minicase above. The dranage is working well and the sirculation through the top and bottom mesh is also enough for my plants in it. Pototh is expected fast growing and instant good conditions for frogs.
The next step, the lighting seaquens is moving everyday. After a half of month, day and night in it will be changed for my life adaptation.
And I am concidering which species are added more in this Vivarium. Red Eye Treefrogs live in right now. I am enjoying to choose some species are in it as an ambrella or a colony of Red Eyes around 8.

Nishio from Japan

translated J.Matsuzono: You may have lots of suggestions about my English, Help me !!

> 松園さん


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