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Phillip S's Vivariums/Paladarium

Viewing the vivariums you have displayed has helped me very much in setting up the vivarium in the attached pictures. The water cleared up nicely after initial setup (pictures taken next day). It is now 1 month old water is clear, with slight tint from tanins

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The tank is a standard 75 gal all glass aquarium. I have 4 48" flourescent bulbs for lighting. 1 full spectrum. 1 plant and aquarium, 2 aqua glo bulbs (all 40 watt) . the 2 fixtures are on separate timers The 1strns on 1 1/2 hrs befor the 2nd and the 2nd turns off 2 hrs before the 1st (dawn dusk simulation) tatal time on is 12 hrs.
There is a submersible heater in the water portion. The water fall is powered by a Marineland magnum 350 canister filter. The output is a PVC resevior made from 4" dia corregated drain pipe. the filter runs 24 hrs a day.
air Temp in tank is 78 F (night) 80 F (day)
Water temp 78-82 F (night-day)
Humidity ranges from 60-80% (more humid when lights turn off) ,I plan to install a fan to satbilize humidity

The Vivarium is modeled after a "false bottom" type of construction. The major difference is that the egg crate does not fit tight to aquarium sides. I used driftwood as a "border" and attacthed the eggcrate to it using, stainless steel screws, clear silicon caulk and nylon lockties.
The egg crate was cut to the shape of the wood. Then using a heat gun (looks like a hair dryer), the eggcrate was heated and bent into shape to match the contour of the wood. Attached to that is black plastic craft mesh (cross stitch "cloth"). attached using lockties.

The size of the land area was measured up and trimmed to fit interior dimensions of tank.
Background is coco matting cut and slilicone caulked together from precut disks for hanging flower baskets.

The land area was placed in the tank as one unit. then backing was attached and substrate added. Gravel then fir bark then "soil" mix made from milled coconut fiber , peat moss, and spagnum moss.

Rock work for the waterfall was then set and plants/moss planted. Fish were in tank entire time that Set up was done.
Types of fish in tank are:
3 3"Siamese algae eaters
2 2 1/2 " clown loaches
1 2" bushy nose pleco
1 6" sailfin pleco
3 3/4" ottocinclus catfis
All fish are doing well!!

I plan to add tropical tree frogs and ground frogs , When I can find them.
Right now there is a 1" long common toad that we found in the yard (rescued from a possible collision with the lawn mover)
It is eating well and acting pretty lively. Post the pics if you want.
The driftwood "border" has a much nicer look than other false bottom tanks I have set up.

Phillip S.
Akron N.Y.

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