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R.Gonella's Vivarium

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Dear webmaster I love your site, I learn a lot having a look on the vivariums, I send you my photographs.

My vivarium is 100 cm high x 92 cms length x 40 cms depth.
I have an old trunk inside planted with bromeliads and orchids, it has a basic mysting system of vivaria and xaxim on the back.
I house 1 tinctorius nominat male a couple of leucos, 1 auratus and a couple of epipedobates tricolor.
The vivarium also has 70W ceramic lamp for hot the coldest nights in winter and a CPU ventilator with a timer to move the inside air 5 times a day.
I hope you like them.

Roberto Gonella.
La web sobre naturaleza.

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Anónimo, Tibet.

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