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Hi, my name is Steve from the Bronx, NY When I was younger I bred fire-bellied frogs. I always wanted to raise poison arrow frogs, but never could get the concept of the false bottom down right. Your web-site opened up so many possibilities for me. Here are some pics of my Vivarium and a description. It was completed on 12/23/02 and 9 more tillandsias were added in 1/03.

30 gallon high tank
Mesh screen cover partially covered with acrylic plastic
Double bulb light fixture with two 18" Fluorescent plant bulbs
Single light fixture with one 24" ReptiSun 5.0 UVB Bulb
Cork background
False bottom with egg crate an 6 PCV pipes
3 needle point plastic screens and 3 air-conditioner filters
Large bag of aquarium pebbles and 4 bags of River Rocks
Manzanita drift wood
Under water heater
Shark pump
Bubble wand and aquarium air pump
Ultrasonic fogger
Substrate coco fiber, orchid mix, orchid moss and sphagnum moss 25x25x25x25%
Plants - Tillandsias T. Tenifolia, T. Aeronthos, T. Bergeri, T. Bulbosa, T. Ionantha, T. Latifolia, T. Stricta, 3 bromeliad, 1 Pellonia Pulcha, 1 Christmas fern, Dichondra.
1 Timer

The egg crate is set 5 inches off the side of the aquarium to be able to access the heater, pump and bubble wand. I made a mesh door that hangs over the edge fastened by plastic zip fasteners ( like the ones used for holding wires together) where the 5 inch gap ends so nothing can get under the egg crate. The pump is encased in a mesh bag to it doesn't clog. It runs up a tube through the egg crate behind three pieces of slate that I glued together using sealant and are seated on three large rocks.. The bubble wand allows fresh air to circulate through the substrate. The heater keeps the water at a constant 78 degrees. I used the plastic needle point screen mesh over the milk crate, and I covered that with air conditioner filter. The pebbles went on top of that. I put the remainder of the pebbles in the space on the side of the egg crate where the space was left. When I need to get under the false bottom for anything I have to remove the pebbles in the 5-inch gap, lift the mesh door and squeeze my arm underneath. It has only happened once and it wasn't that bad. In the space I buried a potted aquarium plant and behind that I buried a PCV pipe about 2.5 inches where I put the ultrasonic fogger. In front of the waterfall and to the left I placed River Rocks over the pebbles for decoration. The back of the Vivarium has 3 cork tiles glued to the glass 12" down starting from the top. To the right of the waterfall I put the substrate. It's about 2.5" just where the cork background ends. On the right I put the Manzanita wood and substrate burying part of it. Behind the waterfall I planted a T Ionantha. Through out the substrate I planted On the cork background I have 3 tillandsias wedged into the natural crevices on the cork. All my plants are growing The whole tank cost me about $250. I water it daily with a plant sprayer. Currently I have an Anole, 2 giant red millipedes and 3 D. Auratus inside.

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