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Tim W.'s Vivarium


My name's Tim and I'm a biology student. I am currently planning for a large vivarium of 350 liters, which is about 88 gallons. These are pictures of my current one.
I also got an aquarium and a scorpion.

Some specs:
Plants: Several species of Bromeliads, an Orchid (Phalaenopsis), Scindapsus, Shilodendron scandens, Javamoss, Ficus repens.

Animals: Anolis carolinensis 1,1; Dendrobates azureus 0,0,2; Dendrobates leucomelas 0,0,1; Epibedobates tricolor 1,3

Vivarium dimensions: 60 x 50 x 100 cm. (width x depth x height)
12 hours of light a day; 2 50 W halogen, 2 x 15W TL and 4 x 9W PL

Tim W.

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