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Seiko is Japan's princess of Pop. Seiko, 50 and a mom, is idolized by several millions of adoring fans in Japan, with 15 No.1 albums and 25 consecutive No.1 songs in Japan to her credit. Almost Japanese people know her very well, like Barbra Streisant in U.S.. Surprisingly, over 220 books on her and over 5,000 magazines reported her have been published in Japan since she made her debut in 1980. And more, the her sales amounted to 1 billion dollars (100,000,000,000 Yen) in 16 years. Yes! She is the No.1 popular star in Japan.
She's strongly hoping for more conquests with her 3rd U.S. release Single( A&M Records ) in Dec 96. She had already released two U.S released albums(1990,1996) and a duet song with Donnie Walhlberg of New Kids on the Block in May 90. If you'd like to know her, then you must see this home page. You'll know the great world and love her more and more.
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