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[Seiko Fan's Home Page] Version Information
  • This is an information page of this web. We report new pages and changes of constructing page for repeater here.
    Feb.9th. 14:40 [Seiko Fanclub Bulletin Page] is Opened.
    Jan.19th. 16:40 [Seiko Divorce Statement Page] is Opened.
    Oct.14th. 23:00 [New Additional Images Information Page] is Started.
    Oct.07st. 14:00 [Seiko Profile Page ] is Uploaded.
    Oct.03rd. 05:20 [Seiko Data Room/Media Information] 7 photos is uploaded. These were captured from T.V program.
    Sep.08th. 21:50 [Seiko Fan Forum Page ] is Started.
    Sep.05th. 01:50 [Seiko Leaflet Collction Page ] is Opened.
    Aug.01st. 14:00 [Seiko Photo Collection Page ] is Uploaded.
    July.21st. 19:30 [Latest Disks] is Completed
    July.20th. 23:10 [Seiko Data Room Page] is Opened
    July.15th. 18:00 [Joint Photo Books Page] is uploaded
    July.07th. 21:00 [Advertising Information Page] is Completed
    July.07th. 16:00 We separated "Book pages" from Database Section.
    June.22th. 19:00 [Snapshots Collection Page] 8 Photos Addition.
    June.19th. 17:00 [Vanity Fair Tour Page] Addition.
    June.18th. 06:00 [ads.Photo Page] We changed from Photo big-size images to ones small size.
    June.15th. 00:35 [Linkage Section] We added links to Japan Polygram.
    June.14th. 23:25 [Seiko Fan's Home Page] We have completed to open this web.

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