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Seiko announced her divorce from husband, Kanda Masaki, on Jan 10th.

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    What's NEW! to TOP

    April 1997
    On Apr.23th Seiko's New Single, "watashi dake no Angel", is in store. And New Album, "MY STORY", is in store on May 21th.
    On Apr.1st. Seiko 1997 Concert date is announced. Tour Date is Here
    January 1997
    Jan.10th. Seiko announced her divorce from husband, Kanda Masaki on Jan10th. Seiko had given a press interview. Her husband, Japanese Actor, had gived a press interview today.

    December 1996
    Dec.10th. Seiko's New 12 inch Single, Good For You , is released now!

    Oct.26th. Seiko's New Single, Good For You , is released on Nov.3rd in U.S and Europian Countries.
    Oct.26th. Seiko's Movie Video Surrogate Mother, will be released on Dec.1st.
    Oct.17th. Release of Live '96 Video was postpone until Nov.11th.
    Oct.16th. Seiko's 2nd World Release Single, "Good For You",will be out in store on Nov.25th

    September 1996
    Sep.19th. Seiko's New Video, Anthology of Seiko/Bon Voyage~The Best Clips and Lives, is relesed on Dec.1st from Sony Records.
    Sep.17th. Seiko's Best Xmas album, Winter Tales, is released on Nov.1th. And Seiko's Live video, 1996 Seiko Matsuda Concert Tour Vanity Fair", is released on Oct.25th. And more, Seiko's new Xmas album is released from Mercury on Nov.11th
    Sep.13th. Seiko's New Single is Sayonara no Shunkan. It means a moment of Good-bye. This song is theme song of Japanese teleplay, "Dear Woman" on air from Tokyo broadcasting Station. It's released on Nov.11th.
    Sep.8th. Seiko will have an additional dinner show in Otu. Dinner Show Ticket at Osaka and Nagoya are sold out!
    What's new of the past |

    Media Information to TOP
    Now, Seiko is in L.A., is recording new album.
    1. Apr. 18th Music Program "WIN" (Nippon Televison) Special Interview from LA.
    2. Apr. 1st Music Program "UTABAN" (Tokyo Broadcasting Station) Recording from LA.
    3. Mar. 31st Music Festival "YORUHIT" (Fuji Television Network/CXTV) Live from LA.
    4. Dec.10th FNS Music Festival (Fuji Television Network/CXTV)
    5. Dec.24th 21:00-23:00 UTABAN Christmas Special (Tokyo Broadcasting Station)
    6. Dec.31st 19:00-23:45 Kouhaku Utagassen (NHK/Nippon Hoso Kyokai/NHK Satellite)
    7. Jan.3rd 19:00-21:00 Seiko Special Live, "Vanity Fair" (WOWOW Satellite Station)
      Recorded on June.29th 1996. at Nippon Budokan.

    1997 Japan Concert Tour [My Story]to TOP

      Date and Area/City
    1. June 5th 97 Saitama/Kawaguchi
    2. June 6th 97 Saitama/Kawaguchi
    3. June 9th 97 Shizuoka/Hamamatu
    4. June 11th 97 Nagano
    5. June 20th 97 Nagoya
    6. June 21th 97 Nagoya
    7. June 22th 97 Nagoya
    8. June 25th 97 Tokyo
    9. June 26th 97 Tokyo
    10. June 27th 97 Tokyo
    11. June 29th 97 Tokyo
    12. June 30th 97 Tokyo
    13. July 1st 97 Tokyo
    14. July 4th 97 Osaka
    15. July 5th 97 Osaka
    16. July 6th 97 Osaka
    17. July 12th 97 Miyagi/Sendai
    18. July 13th 97 Miyagi/Sendai
    19. July 18th 97 Hiroshima
    20. July 18th 97 Hiroshima
    21. July 26th 97 Fukuoka
    22. July 27th 97 Fukuoka
    23. July 31st 97 Niigata

    New Disks to TOP
    1. [Watashi dake no Angel ~Angel~] Apr.23rd '97 in store Mercury Music Entertainment
      mammy's Love song for her daughter
      Unimat Corporation TV Commercial Song
    2. [Good For You] Dec. 3rd in store U.S. 2nd Released single
      A&M Records
      12 inch Sigle (#31458 2059 1) include 5 versions of "Good For You". CD single is not released yet.
      A1.Good For You-Radio Remix w/o Rap+. [Time:4:01]
      -2.Good For You-Dark & Lovely Dub~. [8:16]
      -3.Good For You-LP Version^. [4:12]
      B1.Good For You-Spike Club Vocal. [9:50]
      -2.Good For You-X-Beat Dub*. [9:00]
      [Good For You] 12inch Jacket Photo JPEG 51KB

    3. [Sayonara no Shunkan]
      Nov. 25th in store PHDL-1076 1000yen.
      This song is theme song of teleplay, "Dear woman"(from Oct 13th), on air from Tokyo Broadcasting Station.

    4. [I'll Be There For You / Seiko With Robbie Nevil]
      May 17 '96 in store PHDL-1062 1000yen
      Polygram Mercury 2nd Single in Japan. Written by Robbie Nevil, Seiko. Produced by R.Nevil.

    5. U.S.Released single [Let's Talk about it]
      Apr,14th '96 on sale (#31458-1562-2) A&M Records
      Featuring Slammin' House Mixes by Junior Vasquez. Hip Hop Mixes by "G.Man" Corante and Aaron "Baby" Griffin.

    6. [Anata ni Aitakute ~Missing You~]
      Apr.22th '96 #PHDL-1061 1,000yen
      coupling with [Ashitaheto Kakadashite Yuko] inc.
      This song is the No.1 single on ORICON chart in Japan.

    1. New Original Album [My Story] May 21st '97 in store

    2. New Xmas Album [Guardian Angel] Dec.5th in store 5,000yen. PHCL-50001 Mercury PolyGram
      Artist Special Box Album. Original Playing Cards with Original Perfume is included.
      The name of this Perfume is "BABY SHOWER by Seiko", has been developed since 1993. It will be out on store in next Spring.

    3. Xmas Greatest Album [Winter Tales] Nov.1st in store 2,500yen. Sony Records CD/SRCL-3704. MD/SRYL-7262
      SONG LIST:1.Pearl-White Eve 2.Together for Christmas 3.Heart no Earrings 4.Kootta Iki 5.December Morning 6.Aisareteaino 7.Blue Christmas 8.Yuki no Fantasy 9.Koibito ga Santa Clouse 10.Futari dake no Chiristmas 11.Kitto mata Aeru 12.Soto ha Siroi Yuki 13.Daite...
      Winter Tales PageNEW(Sony Site)

    4. Collection Disks [ Complete Bible / All Singles Collection] Sep.21th On sale 12,000yen. SRCL3661~8. Sony Records
      All Singles and coupling songs between "hadasi no kisetu" and "Sutekini Once Again" are included.
      Singles 34 songs. B-side songs 34 songs. English Singles 4 songs. Kara-OK 35 songs.
      Total 107songs included. Super Picture CD 8 Disks. All color Booklet.
      Leaflet Photo JPEG-28KB
      Complete Bible Page (Sony Site)

    5. Japan's Domestic Version [Was It the Future]
      Jun.10.'96 on Sale PHCL-1007
      Bonus Track [I'll Be There For You] addition. 2,500yen.

    6. Japanese Album [Vanity Fair] May.27.'96 on Sale PHCL-5028 3,000yen.
      #532454-2(Asia Version : Distributed by Hong Kong PolyGram)

    7. World Release [Was It the Future]
      May.14.'96 on Sale (#31454-0480 4/2) A&M Records
      This album is on sale in U.S., Hong Kong ,Canada and Europe. All songs are sung by English.

      PolyGram com. [Was It The Future] Seiko Page

    8. Collection Disk [Bible lll]
      Mar.1.'96 on Sale SRCL3473~4 4,200yen
      33 songs Included. 2 Disks. on sale in Japan.
    1. [Video Clip from "Was It The Future"] Dec.20th in store from Mercury PolyGram PHVL-3502 3,500yen
      Video Clips : "Let's Talk About It" 2 versions, "Good For you", "Missing you" and other clips.

    2. [Movie: Surrogate Mother] VHS:TM-01841 16,000yen /Laser Disk:LSTD01331 4,700yen Toei Video

    3. [Anthology of Seiko/Bon Voyage~~The Best Clips and Lives] Dec.1st in store from Sony Records.
      VHS/SRVM-568 LD/SRLM-568 5,500yen
      Video Clips and live videos. Total 15 songs.
      Song List: 1.Suteki ni Once Again / 2.Kagayaita kisetsuhe Tabidatou / 3.Mou Ichid Hajimekara / 4. A Touch of Destiny / 5.Taisetuna Anata / 6.Kitto, mata Aeru / 7.The Right Combination/ 8. Hadashi no Kisetu / 9.Red Sweet Pie / 10.SWEET MEMORIES / and others

    4. [1996 Seiko Matsuda Concert Tour Vanity Fair」Nov.11th in store from Mercury PolyGram 5,000yen
      Concert Video of Tokyo Live in 1996. Recorded on June 29th in Nippon Budokan.
      #1996 Seiko Japan Tour "Song list" Page

      1. Overture
      2. SONG:Ahita heto kaketashite yukou
      3. "Seiko Interview-part1"
      4. Crazy Shopper
      5. Darling You're The Best
      6. "Seiko Interview-part2"
      7. Moshi, Mouichido Modorerunara
      8. Dear My Children
      9. Romantic ni Kiss simashou!!
      10. "Seiko Interview-paert3"
      11. I'll Be There For You (with Robbie Nevil)
      12. "Seiko Interview-paert4"
      13. Bridge(Anata no subete ni naritai ~ Kitto, mata aeru)
      14. Anata ni Aitakute, ~Missing You~
      15. Ending
        1. Afureru Omoi
        2. Anata ni Aitakute, ~Missing You~
    5. Mercury 1st Video [Vanity Fair]
      Jun.3.'96 on Sale PHVL-3501 3500yen
      [Anata ni Aitekute ~Missing You~][Ashitahe Kakedashite Yuko] etc. Inc.
      Production:Propaganda Films Director:Rebecca Blake 28min.

    6. [LIVE It's Style '95]
      Nov.22.'95 on Sale SRVM-502,SRLM-502,SRLM-503 SONY
      Concert Video of Japan Tour Live in 1995

      World Release Information from PolyGram / A&M Records / Mercury Music Entertainment
      NEWEnglish Single [Good For You] from Album "Was It The Future"
    1. Dec.3 _ U.S., Hong Kong, Canada

      English Single [Let's Talk about it] North America:#31458 1562-2, Euro:#578 143-2
    1. May.14 _ U.S., Hong Kong, Canada
    2. May.27 _ Europe (U.K., Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway)

      English Album [Was It the Future] 31454-0480 4/2
    1. May.7 _ Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia)
    2. May.14 _ U.S.,Canada
    3. May.17 _ Europe (U.K., Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway)
    4. June.10_Japan

      Japanese Album [Vanity Fair] Asia:#532454-2
    1. May.27_Japan
    2. June.10 _ Asia (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia)

      Distributed by
      North America : A&M Records, Inc., Hollywood, CA
      Hong Kong : PolyGram Records Ltd. Hong Kong
      Taiwan : Decca Taiwan
      Singapore : PolyGram Records Pte Ltd. Singapore
      Malaysia : PolyGram Records Sdn Bhd-Malaysia
      Thailand : PolyGram. Thailand
      Phillippines : Polycosmin Records. Phillippines
      Indonesia : P T Suara Sentral Sejati. Indonesia

    1996 Seiko Christmas Dinner and Show to TOP


  • Dec 6th.96. Hotel Nikko Kanazawa - Part1:5:30pm start - Part 2 8:15pm Start - Price 46,000yen. SOLD OUT
  • Dec 7th.96. Hotel Nikko Kanazawa - Part1:5:30pm start - Part 2 8:15pm Start - Price 46,000yen. SOLD OUT
    Reservation: From Aug 27th, Phone:762-35-8811 (Hotel Nikko Kanazawa)

  • Dec.9th.96 Kumamoto Hotel Castle - SOLD OUT
    Reservation: From September. Detail is not fixed

  • Dec.11th.96 Fukuoka Sea-Hawk Hotel & Resort - Price: SS-45,000yen S-45,000yen S-40,000yen SOLD OUT
  • Dec.12th.96 Fukuoka Sea-Hawk Hotel & Resort - Price: SS-45,000yen S-45,000yen S-40,000yen SOLD OUT
    Reservation: by phone from Sep.21th.

  • Dec.15th.96 Keiko Plaza Hotel Sapporo - part1 5:00pm start - part2 9:00pm start - Price 40,000yen SOLD OUT
  • Dec.16th.96 Keiko Plaza Hotel Sapporo - part1 6:00pm start 40,000yen - part2 10:00pm start - Price 30,000yen SOLD OUT
    Reservation: From Sep 10th 10:00am Phone:11-271-0111 (Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo)

  • Dec.19th.96 Shintakanwa Prince Hotel Tokyo - Price: 48,000yen SOLD OUT
  • Dec.20th.96 Shintakanwa Prince Hotel Tokyo - Price: 48,000yen SOLD OUT
    Reservation: From Oct.15th Phone:3-3442-1055

  • Dec.22nd.96 Hotel Nagoya Castle - All seats were reserved. SOLD OUT
  • Dec.23rd.96 Hotel Nagoya Castle - Price Unit:192,000yen S:48,000yen E:45,000yen SOLD OUT
    Reservation: From Sep.5th 10:00am Phone:52-532-1996 (Hotel Nagoya Castle)
    Reservation: From Sep.6th 10:00am Phone:52-521-2121 (Hotel Nagoya Castle)
    Unit price is for 4 people on a table

  • Dec.25th. Hotel New Otani Osaka - Price 43,000yen SOLD OUT
  • Dec.26th. Hotel New Otani Osaka - Price 43,000yen SOLD OUT
    Reservation: From Sep.6th 10:00am Phone:6-949-3252 (Hotel New Otani Osaka)

  • Dec.28th Otu Prince Hotel - Price:not yet fixed.
    Reservation: From Sep.14th 10:00am Phone:775-21-1111 (Otu Prince Hotel)

  • rate: 1 US doller = 112 Japanese Yen

    Commerce Film of Seiko on TV to TOP

    Six Seiko commerce films are on air now.
    Unimat Corp. [Office Coffee Vender] 15sec.
    Takara Shuzo. [Can Chuhai] 15sec.
    Pizzala. [Pizza Delivery] 15sec.
    Mercury Music Entertainment.Inc. [New Single: Sayonara no Shunkan] 15sec.

    Mercury Commerce Films Time Table

  • Nippon Television /Weekly day. 16:00~18:00 (spot)
  • Nippon Television /Sun.22:50~ [Gakino Tukaiya Arahende!] Program. (Mercury is an advertising sponsor)
  • Nippon Television /Mon.17:30~[Meitantei Cannon] Program (Polygram Group is an advertising sponsor) (Seiko CF is spot)
  • Television Asahi /Thu 17:30 [Kaito Saint Tail] Program (Polygram Group is an advertising sponsor) (Seiko CF is spot)

    Takara Shuzo Commerce Films Time Table

  • Each Station. PM4:00-AM1:00 Spot Time
  • Nippon Television /Mon-Sat. PM6:00-7:00 [News Plus One] Program.(Takara 30sec)

    to Seiko Ad. Data Page on this web
    to Seiko Ad's Photos on this web
    Topic to TOP

  • une.4th. Sexy Shots of Seiko was in the American Magazine, BIKINI.
  • Nov.22th. Seiko Presents: You can get Seiko's clothes by lot. Magazine, "Josei Seven No.45 Dec.5th", has the application card for subscription in it.

    Movie to TOP

    a Hollywood Movie : Surrogate Mother
    With Bridgitte Wilson of [Last Action Hero]

    Leaflet Photo JPEG-24KB

    Seiko first appeared in a Hollywood Movie. This is a suspense movie. The theme is surrogate mother. Seiko played the role of a newscaster who suffers from sterility. She begs Bridgette Wilson to be Surrogate mother. But Happiness of her family was broken. Murder, Insanity and Battle. Why?.....
    This Film will be sometime on in U.S.
    Theme song is "I'll be there for you". It is a Seiko's duet song with Robbie Nevil.

    Cast:Seiko Matsuda, Bridgette Wilson(Last Action Hero), Scott Cohen, Peter Boyle

    Producer:Simon Tse, Director:Rene Eram, Photography:Teresa Medina, Music:Keith Bilderbeck
    Production: Toei Video /Fuji Television / Solomon International Enterprises
    Story:David Thoreau, Suzuki Junichi

    Magazine Information to TOP

    Magazine [TIME July.22] People Section / Seiko Article Page
    Magazine [Focus June.26] Seiko Article Page (Japanese & Photos)
    Magazine [FOCUS Aug.26th」Seiko Article Page (Japanese Only)

    FM station (May.6) Color 3 pages

    Junon (July.96)
    Interview with Robbie Nevil

    JJ (July 96) Color 5 pages
    It's Seiko's Style

    BIKINI (July.96) BIKINI co.(U.S.California) Color 5 pages
    Interview and Sexy Snapshots.$3.95. Bimonthly

    Josei Seven (Jun.27) Color 3 pages
    Sexy Snapshots from "BIKINI"

    Magazine "FACE (No.19) " Transpacific Media Inc. Malibu, CA, U.S.
    Superstar Update "THE BIG SPLASH" Seiko : Seiko Interview
    TITLE:Seiko, the Japanese Madonna, aims to conquer the U.S. market, too, with her smooth sultry groove. COLOR 6 PAGES. FACE:ISSN 1064-7953 bi-monthly

    Magazine Title on Seiko to TOP

    Josei Jishin (July.11)[The Secret of Seiko's breast-up is exercise of foot boxing !]

    Josei Jisin (July.9)[Seiko make up her face as Mariah Carey's!]

    Josei Seven (July.4)[What does Seiko's Husband think about Seiko ?]
    Josei Seven (July.4)[The secret of Seiko's advertisement]

    FLASH (July.2)[Seiko-looking Actress walked in the nude at Shibuya downtown]

    Shukan Josei (July.2)[Is Seiko's husband embarrassed her photos on magazine ?]

    FRIDAY(June.28)[Queen of Scandals: Seiko Japan Tour '96]

    FOCUS (June.26)[Seiko Matsuda. Lovers and Nude]

    Shukan Josei (June.25) [Is Seiko's nude really so nice ? ]

    Shukan Gendai (June.22)[Scoop! This is Seiko's Nude]

    Shukan Post (June.21) [Japanese People are surprised at nude of Seiko]

    to TOP

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