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We are asking you to send us your VIVARIUM pictures. Your pictures will be appreciated by our visiter and also must suggest to them. Any size pictures are acceptable with atached email. With your allowing , this web will display your photoes.
If you are not satisfied photoes quallity, it is the result of my poor technique on photoshop.
Very sorry.

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the owner's Name:Jun Matsuzono

NEW May12th2004

The same person as the 25th below Australian Matt.H's vivarium for Emelard Spoted Tree Frog. His frogs are enjoying the summer.(these pictures are sent in the last Feb.) Click here to see large pictures.

Yvan's Vivarium from Belgium. His message is following. "I 'm a Belgian breeder off Dendrobates. I'm specialized in building Dendrobates envirements. A lot off pictures off other vivaria on my web-site" Click here to see large pictures.

Angela&Dr.M.Liebich's from Germany, they are breeding poison dart frogs in their greenhouse. There are very rear specieses what very few opotunities to see even pictures, I am desiring to see those species. Click here to see large pictures.

Andrew's 15 gallon Vivarium for Red Eye Tree Frogs. White flowers of Orchid are really beautifull. click hereto see large pictures and to read his message.

Inagaki A.'s first set Vivarium for White Frogs (Litria caerulea). This case size is W600~D295~H360mm. She is 18 years old live in Shizuoka Japanclick here to see large pictures.

From London England A.Smith's Vivarium Mantella aurantiaca. These pictures have been sent to me on the last 4thclick here to see large pictures.

The person who posted on Nov.23rd2003 Egon's Vivarium had a crack on its bottom. All renew sceen is above. They have been sent to me Dec.16th in the last year, I am ashamed my rudeclick hereto see large pictures.B

Deven sent additional pictures and detail information of his Vivarium. His last posting was on the last Nov.13thClick here to see large pictures and his descriptions

M.Skahan's Vivarium for 5 species Mantella crocea and etc.. Mantella crocea is very raer in Japan. I hope to obtain itClick here to see large pictures and toread his description.

A.Grech's Vivarium from Malta. And Red Eye Treefrog in another VivariumClick here to see large pictures and read his message.

Tim's Vivarium for some Poison Dart Frogs and Anolis from Holland. Planting is very beautifull. Click here to see large pictures and to read descriptions by himself.

Akiyama's from Japan 2 Vivariums for D.auratus Blue and D.ventrimaculatus Duellmani. Some froglets live in width 45cm Vivarium with D.ventrimaculatus Duellmani. http://www2a.biglobe.ne.jp/~wild-sky/vivarium/takiyama.htm">Click here to see large pictures.

The same person as the 37th below(2003/1/4) Nishio's selfbuild Vivarium for Tree Frogs. We can not find this type of product in Japan. He decided to do by himselfClick here to see large pictures.

Raf's first setupped Vivarium for Poison Dart Frogs from Belgium. It is too hot in Japanese summer for Poison Dart Frogs. So we Japanese can't put a light in a terrariumClick here to see large pictures.

The same person as the 24th(4/30) below Egon's Vivarium was reset wholeClick here to see large new sceens. There is another Vivarium. Also the background picture arrived from Holland.

Japanese!! Nango's first Vivarium for 3 morphes of D.auratus is 60cmClick here to see large picutuers.

The same person as the 4th below Stefan's 600 litters Vivarium from Denmark. Large Vivarium makes good conditions for Tillandsias. I am enjoying the beautifull ballance between shadow and light. Click here to see large pictures.

Deven's Vivarium with fales bottom and water fall. The water fall looks realityClick here to see large pictures.

Brian S's 70cm tall Vivarium for D.leucomelas colony. The same parson posted on Oct.7th2002 below. Click here to see large pictures and descriptions by himself.

F.Decker's facility for Poison Dart Frogs. It is interesting to compear the day of assembling to the eight mothes later. Click here to see large pictures.

Stefan K's Vivarium from Denmark. I have been to Denmark in October 2000. It was already in winter weather condition. I am imaging that in a long winter night a Vivarium beside a fireplace makes their heart warm with the tropical rainforest scean in it and the fire viblations. It must be fantasy. Click here to see large pictures.

Steve's Vivarium for D.auratus Blue. The substrate of this Vivarium is deep. Deep substrate seems to make plants growing very well. The moss in his Vivarium also looks niceClick here to see large picutuers and his message.

The same person as the 21st below(Jan.15th2003) T.Chin's Vivarium in his office from Taipei Taiwan Width45, Depth30,Hieght60cm Click here to see large pictures.

Ashley's Vivarium for D.tinctorius 'Infer Alanis'. This type of Alanis have been not seen in Japan yet. Click here to see large pictures and to read his message.

Phillip S's Vivarium/Paladarium has a flat water stream, it is charming. And the driftwood border looks more natulally. I respect his practical charange. click here to see large pictures and read the description by himself.

J.Hupp's larger vivarium. The four timers are controling the lighting from the Sunrise to the next Sunrise. That is interesting! click here to see large pictures and read the description written by himself.

The same person the 6th below Matt.H's Vivarium for Emelard Spotted Tree Frog.click here to see large images and his message.

The same person as the second below Hanenberg's new Vivarium for Dart Frogs. He did not write detales, I guess he hope to enhance a streem. Clich here to see large pictures.

G.Zollinger's Vivarium for minuture Orchids from Tennessee is very interesing. I asked him if the fans are damaged by high humidity and he repllied they are working wellClick here to see large pictures.

The Dart Frogger same as the 18th below J.Hanenberg's 10 gallon Vivarium for D.azureus. The Guzmania's red flower is very impressive and Tillandsia ionantha is good conditon. Click hrer to see large pictures.

T.Mumford's Vivarium. Details were not described. It is rear sample for Japanese that there are lights inside of the tank. Click here to see large pictures.

From Spain Carlos's Vivarium for Dendrobates leucomelas. Details were not atacthed, but it would be 90cm width case. Click here to see large pictures.

The same person of the second below Matt.H 14years sent his Emerald spotted tree frogs imagesClick here to see large pictures and his message.

I love your vivarium section. I check it often for updates and use it as a resorce to get ideas for a large vivarium that i am planning. I will send you pictures when i am done. I love your site so much that i signed up to get updates e-mailed to me and now I get junk mail in a language that I dont understand! it is fantastic! Anyway I dont really mind the junk mail because i dont know what they are trying to sell me I just thought it was funny and wanted to mail you about it. Keep up the great work. Adam T.(USA)
Thank you so much for sending interesting drowing to us./Jun Matsuzono.
Click here to see the large image.

Matt.H.'s Vivarium from Australia, bilow is his messageClich here to see large pictures.
Hey this is my first frog tank I have ever had. I'm going to put green tree frogs in there and emerald spotted tree frogs... These pics are about 2 months old. I have a lot more plants in the water side and I have a lso put a fluro light at the top and added a misting machine. It works well within 2minutes the tank fills with fog and mist...I am from Australia I'm 14 yrs old. I love herpetology and animals. The other pics are of my water dragons they are 4 months old and love to bask in the sun!!

P.Klemm's from Germany, his first set-up Vivarium. Inhabitants are 0/0/5 D.auratus and 0/0/2 D.ventrimaculatus. W120xD60xH100cm large case. Almost Japanese never consider about this kind of size, because we do not have enough space for frogsClick here to see large pictures and his message.

E.South's Vivarium from France. Tank size is 100x40x50cm. My interesting is that he studied Horticulture.So he planted plants with cosidering the nature of plants. click here to see large pictures and his message.

This is G.Goss's Vivarium for Red Eye Treefrog. 20 Gallon tank lit by dual 13 watt power compacts. It will eventually house 10 miniature orchids! In the tank currently are :2 Bromeliads, 3 Tillandsias, 2 Baby Butterworts (Gnat control).1 Adult Red Eye Tree FrogClick here to see large pictures.

The same parson as the 23rd below Egon's Vivarium from Holland. Heavy dense planted view surppprised me. Click here to see large pictures and to be surprised with me.

The second billow O.Phisy's Vivarium from France. Maybe his daughter standing by, we can understand the size of his Vivarium. And now Kaloula pulchera and Rana live with Litria caeruleaClick here to see the large beautifull pictures and say "Hi" to the cutey girl.

Imanishi's Vivariums from Japan, he is keeping D.leucomelas and D.ventrimaculatus right now. And he intends to keep small species in the future. Click here to see large pictures and read his message.

The O.Phisy's Vivarium for White Tree Frog from France. It is kind of large tank, because of the size of Guzmania. Mist make the fantasic view. Click here to see large pictures, you will find the Saintman White Treefrog.

This S.Bugrov's cabinet style Vivarium is from Moscow. Very large size W100 x D45 x H185cm. Cryptanthus and Nepenthes are colored with enough lighting, very beautifull.Click here to see large pictures and reed description by himself.

Stephen E.F's Vivarium for Asian fire-bellied toad (Bombina orientalis). The rain fall every morning from 8 to 9. My most interesting with his Vivarium is that understanding this species' camouflage color. Click here to see large pictures and to check description by himself.

Joseph's Tropical Rainforest Vivarium has Zen approached style. I seem understanding what he intentioned... How about you ? Click here to see large pictures and to read his own description.

90 x 45 x 60 sentimeters Vivarium for Poison Frogs. Large tank has enough space for lighting to plants, it is a key of that plants are good conditionClick here to see large pictures

J.Hanenberg's VivariumClick here to see large pictures. How many animals do you find ? The felow is his message.
It's a 29 gal. high aquarium with a false bottom set-up. It houses one red eye tree frog, two green tree frogs, one white's tree frog, three anoles, one day gecko and one beta fish. I've had the setup running without any problems since September. I'm currently working on a dartfrog setup. Let me know how the pictures come out. I really enjoy the website and it's given me many great ideas for future projects.

G.Walsh's Vivarium for Red eye tree frog and Fire belly toad and there are also fresh water fish on one sideClick here to see large pictures and how to set by himself.

Those interesting five pictures are parts of 38 pictures sent from T.Chin in Taipei Taiwan. He start building his frogroom from 2002/09, now 2/3 is finished. There are 6 W40cmxD30cmxH45cm, W90cmxD60cmxH120cm and W60cmxD45cmxH90cm. click here to see large 38 pictures.

Nishio's from Japan. W100D45H95cm. It's seen from both his living room and his door room. D.azureus and D.tinctorius Talbemountain. In the aquqrium, leffy fishes, baterfly fishes and Apistgrama etc. many fishes.click here to see large pictures and description by himself.

hey, Did you suporse Japanese stopped keeping frogs? Nooooh!! Daidoh's Vivarium,W90XD45xH45cm. This high school boy is keeping Aisian frogs, Bombina orientalis, Rana from Bali and Rana nigromaculata. The power filter pump supply water for the fall. Click here to see large pictures and description.

Linda snet her Vivarium pictures from The Neatherlands. Vriesea's flowers are beautifull. 3 D.leucomelas and 4 E.tricolor live in it. Beautiful calling must be heard from her Vivarium. W60xD60xH80cm. Because of my(Wild Sky's) poor technique, pictures have problem but click hereto see large pictures.

Marc's Vivarium for D.leucomelas and D.tinctorius Oypok from Holland. Width 125xDepth 50xHight 100 senti metters. Click here to see large pictures and the details he wrote by hisself.

C.Miller Michigan Univ. student have been keeping Poison Dart Frogs for 11 years. He sent his message written in Japanese to me. He is studaying Japanese. Below is his message, do you understand ?
Matsuzonosan, no saito ha taihen omoshirokute kireidesu. Boku ha Michigan syuuritsu daigaku no gakusei desu. 11nenkan dokugaeru o motimasita. watasi no kaeruto vivariumno syasin o okurimasita. Histrionicus ha hokano vivarium ni imasu. Boku ha nihongo o site irukara, takusan hanasu noga daisuki desu. ima atarasii suizokukan o site imasu. owatta toki, motto syasin o okurimasyoo. Sosite raigetsu akai lehmanni ga tsuku desyoo. Yorosiku onegaisimasu. C.Miller
Click here to see large pictures.

K.Caldwell's 60 gallon hexagonal Vivarium for a pair of Phyllobates bicolor from N.J.USA. The background is a combination of cork bark panels and foam "floating islands" sold as turtle/newt floats. I cut them and siliconed them to give a 3D effect to the background. Various mosses, lichens and epiphytics were then added. The substrate is layered atop an eggcrate false-bottom which hides and houses the Rio 600 pump and filter that supplies two waterfalls on either side of the tank. All the plants are live. Click hereto see large beautifull pictures.

Building the Background of the Vivarium of Michael T. They are procedures for the just bellow Michael's Vivarium. He is a painter so that the Rock is colored by the craftman's hand. Click here to see large pictures. He wish to have a bigger Vivarium after his wife's permiton, that is the same as in Japan.

Michael T.'s Vivarium from Germany. 100x60x60 sentimetters natural airflow case has 3 misting nozzles for the sake of supplying humidity and the Eheim 2222 filter for the Waterfall setup. The water underground is heated. The fourth picutre is for the Tadpoles Tank with Maximal Fillters' tops. Click Here to see large beautifull pictures and getting details of the "Maximal Fillter".

Brian C.S's 75 gallon Vivarium for P.bicolor and terribilis. There are defferent landscape between left and right side. Click here to see large pictures and the Description written by himself.

Blooming Tillandsia ionantha in Steven's Vivarium. Click here to see large beautifull picture.

Thank you very much Jean for sending nice pictures!! They are friendly viewes because of well known plants are planted. click hereto see large images.

the 27th bellow Cramer's Vivarium(1200x500x100cm). It has past one and half year since the last photo. Vriesea fosteriana cv."Red Chestnuts" is my(Jun) faivorite Bromeliad. I like the transluescent orange light through its leaves. The large photoes are more beautifull, Click here to see them and the Spec. of this Vivarium.

Egon the third bellow change whole lighting. I always love to see his Vivarium. It makes me to be amaged. You should click here to see large wonderfull view and to check what he changed the lighting system.

Sugano is imaging a wood cave around a root of a big tree where Dendrobates auratus habitat.

David in the United Kingdum sent many nice pictueres. These style hanged on the wall Vavariums are not seen in Japan. I hope builders and sellers for Vivarium cases apear hanged on the wall apear in Japan as same as in Europe. Clich here to see large and more images and the poster that is unavailable now.

Who is the fifth bellow person Egon redecorated his tank. His tank is large enough to plant large Bromeliads in itself. Click here to see large pictures and his message.

Alan sent nice pictures to us from England. Click Here to see large pictures.
And Bellow is his message.
Hi, The viv is 36 inches high, 32 inches long, and 20 inches wide. The viv has two water features, a waterfall over bog-wood and a back panel circulation system made with cocos panels. The temperature is sustained by under floor heating, and a heat-strip on the side. Humidity is high, but with good ventilation to keep the front glass front getting steamed up so I can see inside the 'jungle' at all times. I will be adding a misting system later when I decide on a model. Frogs are currently 2 D.Leucomelas and 1 D.Azureus. I love Orchids, so have added some to the viv and intend to add some more over time. The frogs are very active all day in the achieved environment.
It is always good to see what other people are doing throughout the world, which inspires me to make the best of my vivarium. Keep up the good work.

The same person as 5th bilow Sumida's Vivariums. Tiny beautiful Japanese orchid "Nago-Ran" is blooming.

Some Vivariums of Sakashita. Some species of vivid colored frogs are in them. You should Click here to see another Vivariums and Frogs.

The nineth billow Eiben's Dart Frogs Vivarium. This is the third of his Vivariums shown to us. The frogs are a pair of cobalt tinctorius and a group of E. tricolor. Tads are deposited and develop in the pool in the bottom left of the picture. You should see the large image(74k) with clich here.

The fouth billow Egon sent pictures again. Hello again,here another picture from the netherlands of my tank and a few frogs. If you look closely you see a piece of tree of 1.5 meter long in my tank now. My frogs really love to walk after each other on it. I was afraid my tank would burst because the tree is very heavy but the plates of tempex on the bottom of the tank tempered the weight. At the top you see the leucomela's carrying the tadpole on his back and the lower picture shows a Den.Tinctorius greyleg. Yesterday I bought a mixture of Dendrobates Azureus and Tinctorius which they name Agrya.A beautiful frog and a fertile one. Greetings Egon and keep up the good work with your very nice site !!!!!

Nearby Wild Sky there is a school TCA. A school boy of TCA set his first Aqua & Terra Vivarium. Long days have been needed for growing moss.

Sumida's vivarium for a pear of Phyllobates bicolor, the male start calling with beautifull vioce. They would breed soon.

Brian Booth from Michigan USA sent many beautifull pictures. click here to read the details he wrote and to see more pictuers.

Billow the 5th and the 6th Egon's latest Vivarium, Chenged to many Bromeliads planted Vivarium. On the Feb.14th, he saw for the first time a dendrobates Leucomelas carrying a tadpole through the tank,looking for a suitable place to drop it into the water. A nice valentines Present for him !
click here to see largepicture(74k,750x470)

Yanagisawa is keeping small Poison Frogs. Lots of Bromeliads are planted in every Vivarium for those small frogs. D.ventrimaculatus,D.imitator var.intermedius and Red, Dlamasi.

The coldest region in Japan. Nakajima is keeping some Hyla japonica in the glass box in her room. That is usefull to warm up tempulature in Vivariums enough for the frogs.

Photoes of very healthy Phyllomedusa sauvagii were sent from Yoneyama in the coldest area of Japan. They are a male and a female. But both are too fat to say which is.

The same person as Eiben 5th billow is keeping Viper in this Vivarium. This is a photo of one of his newer vivariums. The tank is a tropical West African biptope which houses a sigle Atheris chlorechis(west african bush viper). The plants include three species of Anubias,a staghorn fern, Selaginella kraussiana, and three species of tropical west african orchids. The Snake is very beautifull, click here to see large photoes

About a month later Egon's Vivarium. The same person as billow. The plants are getting density, For example Viriesea have inflorescense and Monstella is covered by another plants. clisk hereto see the large photo.

A huse Vivarium from the Netherlands. Width2.70 Depth1.00 Hieght1.25(meters). Over one meter hieght is suitable for Tillandsia usneoides. Set by Egon in April 2000. He keeps Dendrobates azureus, leucomelas, auratus and tinctorius in this tank and 1 single Phylobates bicolor. In his other tank he keeps Epipedobates tricolor too. Click here to see the large picture.

Since I am carrying out [ mind as balance is maintained as it is ] if it sees on the whole, although it thought whether a new share would separate, although it is hesitating to separate soon just for a moment ... Neoregelia which Mr. Inakura says is beautiful. Dendrobates leucomelas live in this Vivarium.

Building house for a frog named Pirupiru Yamamoto

My name is Ben Eiben and I sent in some vivarium photos a while ago, and I thought that you would enjoy seeing some pictures of my smaller tropical vivarium. It is a 29 gallon tank that is set up with a false bottom, with a mix of coconut mulch, orchid bark, and leaf debris. I tried to make it as close to a neo-tropical biotope as possible, and added the tree roots as a light refuge. The lighting is 2 X 55 watt 5600K powercompact lights. There are 7 species of orchids, club mosses, true mosses, and earth star bromeliads. The tank has been established for 1 year now, and it was the 1st place winner at the 2000 International Amphibian Day terrarium contest. It was set up for small neotropical amphibians but it is currently uninhabited because i cant have animals in my college dormatory. I hope you enjoy the photos. Also look for new photos this summer on my new project! A 75 gallon coldwater salamander encloure with a chiller loop, and insitu food supplies as well as insitu larva rearing. Oh so here are the pictures!
The award was a for a terrarium contest held at the International Amphibian Day in Maryland USA. That terrarium is also pictured in the April issue of Reptiles magazine, I believe.
click hereto see the large image of the first image(87K)
click hereto see the large image of the fourth(125K)
the second bellow Vivarium is also set by Mr.Eiben

Since it rose in May, 2000, it hardly tampered, but since it was in the jungle state, it refreshed. At that time, the rock was put in, mose was placed on it and ups and downs were attached.(set by Tuchiya)

Eiben's 70 gallon Vivarium which has been set up for 2 years from PA (USA). It houses a trio of Uroplatus phantasticus geckos and a trio of Phelsuma lineata day geckos. The plants are mostly orchids, bromeliads, and ferns, as well as tropical mosses and liverworts. There is a water section in the lower right. Check the moss on the right upper side out with large photo(45k) by click here

Shimoyama's Vivarium for 3 Hyla japonica. In the winter, atatch heating film on the front window, and then, over rup with his selfmade cover for keeping warm.

Mr.Acidmindbender's? vivarium is 38" tall, 34" at it's widest point. Specs: 1 florescent UV bulb on a 12hr cycle 2 fans on top on in one out waterfall as for heat, the snake cage the vivarium sits on keeps the tank between 79 and 85 (night and day) no special plants for now or animals, just wanted to see if I could build one thinking about selling this one so I can build another!

Cramer's Vivarium from the Netherlands.These are the specs of his tank.
Size:120cm. W x 50cm. D x 100cm. H. Almost Japanese hardley set these size of tank up, because of their small space for their frogs.
Lights: 7x35W PL + one UV tube Small
Eheim filter for the waterfall
Aquarium tube heater in the water
Background: Cocospannels
Plants: various incl. orchids and bromelia
Water: Reverse Osmose water
Frogs: 4 Leucomelas and 2 Ventrimaculatus (yellow) all semi adults
Should recomend to see large photo(118k) click here

in the Wild Sky's vivarium

400x450x450mm,Natural air flowin cage, for displaying Poison Dart Frogs at Wild SKy. Coco bricks help to set undulations. Coco panels atatched on the side walls.

With selfmade raining system and ultra sonic fogger, Interested in setting proceduare? click here

Ender's and Carlos's Vivarium with Anolis and Geckos. It seems selfbuilt cage.

Cocos panels are atatched on each side wall and the backwall, streem runs fountain. Tuchiya's dart vivarium W450XD450XH450

Kinoshita's tric for heating and keeping humid, heater set in the space devised 1/8 of aquarium tank. A pair of D.leucoleas are mating. W600XD300XH360mm

With false bottom vivarium built by Furusawa. Width 3feet, depth 2feet, hieght 2feet, the large vivarium is few case here in Japan.

Iwamoto is enthuest of frogs. Many frogs are looked after by him.
Their conditions are kept well.

Ogawa's 60cm cubic vivarium is built with false bottom.
Many Cryptanthus are planted, they aduot wet area.
Note Tillandsias on the branche, they need well air sirculation.
The new frogroom of Tochytas'.
And their growing Bromeliads.

There are some pictures of Shirai's vivariums. Click the above picture to jump to Shirai's Vivariums.

Zoomup Maeda's Vivarium. Dendrobates leucomelas live in.

Kamitani is keeping some species of Poison Dart Frogs. Epipedobates tricolor is calling with very beautifull voice.

Takayama is keeping some Hyla japonica in this tank W60,D30,H36.
The pond is furnished at the center of his tank.
Cocospanels are atatched on the back wall.
W45cm,D30cm,H45cm, two cocospanels are set on the back wall.

This aquatic vivarium is for Pipa
The Esakas' are enjoying keeping any kinds of frogs, ex.Tree frogs(Leptopelis) from Cameroon, Pipa from south America elce.

Mr.Tschan sent us his vivarium. He keeps poison arrow frogs. 2 Dendrobates auratus couple & 6 dendrobates pumilio. The tank's dimensions are 120 cm x 100 cm x 70 cm. He lives in Switzerland.

R.Arndt in Denver CO sent his own coment with picture to us. Here is it.
Construction of the vivaruim:
I used the false bottom setup. I put spacers in the bottom of the tank then on top of that put eggcrate lighting panels.
Then I put Air Conditioning filter over that.
Then I put around 1" of a special soil on top of the filter.
I buried pots of pothos and assorted bromeliads on the soil.
Then I put in live moss. In the moss I placed pups of bromeliand and cuttings of other plants.
This vivarium has been working for about a month now.
Everything is growing great.

Tokita atached aclylic door on the top of aquarium tank and rolled it upside front by himself.

And he put on aclylic cover on the tanks.

Kitamura's tank is about 50 gallon. My suprise is what a beutifull color conbination. I wish I could show you larger picture.

Kamiyama made his one vivarium cage by himself. His made cage is about 2' hieght. A large plants are planted, dinamic sight. These are 3 cage. He often change planting.The last photo is the tadpole's palace.

There are few plants in this Vivarium right now. Note the Neoregelia Grace and Cryptanthus zonatus(maybe). These plants are seldom selled here in Japan.

This vivarium is large width 5 feet. Tamamizu do everything by his best. This is in the group of the heaviest planted among Japanese.

Kaneko's VivariumXOSTSTcentimetters. Huge planted !! Many species of orchids. The small fan is making wind into, but sometimes change plants because of rotting. MantellaRsepcies,PDFQspecies, where are they?

Saitoh's Vivariums have another view, these plants coloered light. The almost plants are Orchids. Look at the fourth, he made wall by putting cement on the side and back.

Sakamoto set his Vivariums in his office.Mantella viridis. The device made from stainless is a heater available to cntrol temp. frequently from low to high.

Isozaki is looking forward seeing D.ventrimaculatus tadpoles landing soon(1998.3.4).

Tokita drew his plan by MAC. False bottom, thick earth. One of D.ventrimaculatus Red ulatus Red is calling now.

Ohkubo nursering lots of Tillandsia. She has no animals but three children 2 to 7 years old boy and girl. Tillandsia are put on her handmade display made from cork and berk.

Shiratori have 3 Vvariums. Brachyura sp.Chameleon,Ceratophryne and D.leucomelas.

Seyama is keeping 5 healthy D.auratus CostaRica and good condition plants in 4' Vivarium.Vriesia carinata will bloom.

Kuchinashi made his Vivarium case by himself. There are some inventions.

Ogawa are keeping so many animals in more than 30 Vivariums. His enthusiasm to frogs and geccko is strongly.

Sugiyama emailed a lot of positive suggestion even if the other said that my plan to opening Specialising PDF shop was so risky. I am apriciated his positive opinions.

Kawamura have many knowledge about frogs. We respect his suggestions how to keep or which species.

D.leucomelas are kept. Fat enough and nice yellow like Sunflower.

2 D.auratus Blue are kept in Mazaki's Vivarium. They are rather shy that he can meet them only few.

D.North in U.S.A. gave us a chance to get up his photo.Many plants Neoregelia, Cryptanthus,Vriesia and etc. atract us. D.leucomelasAD.pumilioAD.auratusAE.tricolor are kept.

Okada set up these Vivariums. In one of them E.tricolor are breeding.

Male are carrying tad on his back.
D.ventrimaculatus Red are kept in this vivarium. Look at the slopes at the both side.

My friend lives in U.K. send me photo. This Vivarium is set up his friend lives in the Neaterland. D.leucomelas are kept.

This is my ashamedness,my Vivarium in my home. 2 D.auratus Nicaragua.
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